How Technology Has Changed Tourism

As we go through the various roles that the technical evolution provides for the tourism and hospitality industry, we see that the role of IT has been growing and taking a very wide importance. With technologies like GPS, e-booking, ticketing and other aspects getting a wider acceptance and worldwide audience, manual service is sure to shift from the cozy strange lobbies to the virtual world. Tourism is a growing concern.


technology changes tourism


Previously the developing world sought food, shelter, and clothing as the main essentials but in the present generation, leisure and vacation have become the next thing that we want when we are done with our process of earning money. This is where the role of the tourism sector comes in.


With people going for more vacations and the trend shifting to luxurious living, more and a number of hotels are coming up, and they are varied according to the various tastes of the clients that would be coming in. Apart from the hotels that would be much in demand and more so for the smart hotels, tourism also requires safe and secure travel.



However, when one goes for a vacation, he/she may not want to go to the trouble of finding the right deals and the right places for directing himself. Advance booking for car rentals, hotels, and even luxury tickets can be made from miles away, and the whole vacation, as a result, becomes easier and enjoyable.


The next thing to note in this respect is that online and technical innovations and implementations are more cheap, secure and varied. Talking about finding the right tools one can compare hotel rooms and destinations sitting right on his comfortable couch in his home. This also saves time and reduces risks.


Tourism is something related to the flow of adrenalin so one would not like to reduce any efficiency by going into the details and tension of habituating and arranging in a new place. Technology does every bit of thing, so we as the creator and innovator need not worry about the issues.


Advances in technology have implied that stakeholders in the tourism industry must always be in line with new technologies so as to be competitive enough. Technology is not only an essential condition of advanced, industrial civilization but also that the rate of technological change has developed its momentum in recent centuries.


Technology has changed tourism greatly by revolutionizing how businesses are conducted in today’s world, and the tourism sector is no exception. Stakeholders in this sector market themselves on the internet, chat to their clients online before the actual service delivery and also conduct meetings online via video conferencing which has greatly reduced costs of traveling.


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Technology Helps Drug Addicts Recover

With the advancement of smart phones and computers, apps and software are becoming an increasingly popular tool for those who suffer from addictions. These smart phones apps provide additional support to those who are trying to quit their addictions and sometimes are even able to help addicts without using any other form of help.

app for addiction recovery

These drug addiction apps are very helpful in combating the side effects during day 4 of opiate withdrawals which is when withdrawals from opiates becomes arguable the most difficult time for withdrawal symptoms. Many opiate addicts claim that after approximately 5 days to 2 weeks, the physical pain from withdrawals has almost completely went away. It is important to note that mental symptoms such as fatigue, irritation, depression, insomnia, etc… may take longer to resolve.



Addicts display a specific psychological behavior which makes quitting drugs a very tall order. Fortunately their are new cell phone apps that not only can prevent addiction but can also help to treat the behavior. The advantage of using an app or software is that generally the information will be sound advice. However probably the biggest advantage is that apps are relatively inexpensive and are much more cost effective for those who struggle to afford a rehab center. Another added benefit is that people are able to travel and still take addiction support with them regardless of where they stay for the night.


Apps also are convenient and constantly with you so that they can provide treatment and support no matter the time or place of day. Relapses generally occur within a short moment of discouragement and despair. It is critically important that addicts get the help they need immediately in order to get past that moment. Apps are fortunately always going to be there and can greatly increases the chances of success.

3 Things to do in Australia

There is no country that is as interesting when it comes to geography as Australia. Australia qualifies as a country, as an island and as a continent, and unusual country with a wealth of natural habitats and wonders. Things to do and see in Australia are many. Australia has abundant outdoor activities, historical activities and cultural activities. As a visitor, you can be sure to find something unique to see or do. Here are 3 unique places to visit in Australia.

1. Giant Pink Slugs of Mount Kaputar

Mount Kaputar has a small alpine forest that is believed to be crowded with life found nowhere else in the universe. Many years ago when Australia was known as Gondwana, the terrain was characterized by luxurious rainforests. Today, the conditions on the continent have changed, and many activities have occurred. But, the most unique thing about this forest is the giant pink slug which is 7.8 inches in length. These giant slugs are pink in color and spend most of their time hidden beneath the leaf mold. They are believed to come out at night or after a rain shower in their hundreds. You can imagine a bright pink slug, they are very beautiful. Other exclusive members found at mount Kaputar are three different flesh-eating snail species which kill and eat their vegetarian colleagues.

The environment above Mount Kaputar is also unique. In case, the temperature increases, even by one or two degrees, there is a possibility of residents up there drying up. To help preserve this unique ecosystem, there is a committee that has marked the area as one of the Endangered Ecological Community.

2. Lake Hillier

Another fun thing to do in Australia is visiting Lake Hillier. Lake Hillier is a unique lake in many ways. First, from a distance, it looks like a swath of solid bubble-gum, and when you come closer, the color becomes more watery, but still remains definitely pink.

Even though the causes behind the pink color in other lakes have been confirmed, the reason for this lake’s color remains a mystery. Many theories have tried to solve the mystery. Some claim that Lake Hillier’s pink color is as a result of high salinity combined with the existence of salt loving species. Different from other pink lakes which changes the color in accordance with the temperature rise and fall, Lake Hillier still maintains its pink color. Uniquely, the water retains its pink color when bottled.

Whatever the cause of the color, Lake Hillier’s water does not look to pose any danger to humans. However, swimming in the lake is not possible because it is used only for research purposes. For tourists, you can only admire the lake on helicopter rides.

3. The Haunted Bookshop

A visit to Haunted Bookshop is among the unique things to do in Melbourne, Australia. The bookshop is loaded with the occult and unclear books. The topics to find here include Witchcraft, Magic, Vampires, Satanism, Tarot and Ghosts. Though frightening thing to do, it is among the fun things to do in Australia.

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Luxurious Relaxation at the Langham Hotel

Enjoying the Relaxing Langham Hotel


If you are looking for the absolute finest in hotel experience, then look no further than Australia’s luxurious Langham Hotel, Sydney. This hotel will transport you from the bustling city into a restful refuge. You will find yourself considering whether you ever even need to leave the hotel once you check in and find the Langham Hotel gives you everything you need, right at your fingertips.


The rooms in this plush hotel offer guests the most comfortable and relaxing stay possible. While the hotel gives you several types of rooms to choose from, you will find each offering is impeccably decorated. The hotel boasts six distinct types of rooms ranging from the stunning Grand Langham Rooms to the breathtaking Observatory Suite. As the name would indicate, the Observatory Suite boasts impressive views of both Observatory Hill and the Sydney skyline. Room rates typically range between $250 – $550 each night depending on what time of the year you would like to stay and what type of room you want.


Amenities abound in the hotel, offering guests the opportunity to get a truly relaxing experience. The Langham hotel has a wellness center that will place you in the lap of luxury. There is even an indoor pool with restful lounges creating an indoor oasis no matter what the weather outside is like. The day spa in the hotel will have you feeling pampered in no time. An extensive spa menu offers exclusive treatments like the Warm Lava Shell Massage to release all of the tension you have stored up from traveling. Consider booking one of the spa packages to feel refreshed from head to toe. The spa also includes a specialized menu for men and unique treatments to accommodate pregnancy as well.


If you are looking for something a bit more rigorous, then get ready for a tennis match at the hotel’s championship sized tennis court. Focusing on fitness while you travel? The Langham Hotel has an incredible fitness center with all of the equipment you need to stay on track with your training goals. You can even work with one of the expert personal trainers to ensure you get the most out of your cardio and weight training routine.


Of course, while staying in Sydney you will be looking for some local flavors. Lucky for you, if you are looking for delicious food options, you will not even need to leave the hotel! The Langham Hotel has several different choices for you to nosh on everything from a dainty afternoon tea in Palm Court to a candlelit dinner in Bistro Remy that is underscored by classically romantic jazz music. The atmosphere compliments the dining experience at the hotel, which is simply unbeatable!


While considering a stay at the hotel, be sure to explore the many bespoke packages the hotel has to offer. Reviewing the website will give you a sense of these unique additions to make your stay even more pleasant, with options such as the Winter Weekend City Escape.and many others.

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New Zealand Activities

New Zealand is the type of vacation spot you get to visit in case you are really fortunate. It wouldn’t be incorrect if one claims that it is a location which is incomparable when it comes to its scenery, exuberance as well as outdoor sports activities. For somebody who does take pride in flaunting his or her passion for adventure, it’s a real sacrilege to not explore this particular Southern Hemisphere nation. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will mention the top things to do in New Zealand.


1. Paragliding


For the tense folks, here is one particular activity that is equally exciting though much less daunting. In case you’re not yet prepared for bungee jumping, you might be satisfied with paragliding for the moment. Queenstown is a perfect location to try this thrilling activity. It will provide you with a couple of minutes of flight as you review the panoramic landscape whilst flying like a bird.


2. Hiking


Some claim that New Zealand is a spot which doesn’t need a trekking or hiking track as such. The whole nation can easily be hiked around simply because it is nothing but enchanting islands of the landscape. Nevertheless, for the Puritans, a couple of suggested sites will be Tongariro National Park and Routeburn Track.


3. Bungee jumping


Many youngsters nowadays keep asserting that their ultimate fantasy would be to go for bungee jumping. A New Zealand vacation will be the best opportunity to make this dream come true. It might seem overwhelming at the beginning but safety harnesses, as well as trainers, will assist you to gain assurance. Consequently, it is your own personal demons you need to battle out. While the leap is taken, you are going to go through the most unforgettable couple of seconds in your life. Queenstown and also Auckland are the ideal locations for performing a bungee jump.


4. Climbing Glaciers


Most likely, it is an activity you are going to do just once in your lifetime. Therefore, ensure not to overlook this one while you are traveling New Zealand. You might not get another opportunity to do something so satisfying. Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier make for the very best locations where climbing may be done together with a professional group. Nevertheless, it is a hard nut to crack because you will need to brave frosty winds, unexpected rains, and some truly hostile terrains.


5. Skydiving


One more amazing activity and incredibly terrifying sport, skydiving is definitely something that you can boast of when you are done. Even though this well-liked sport may be tried in many parts of the nation, Taupo is definitely a spot worth suggesting.

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