3 Things to do in Australia

There is no country that is as interesting when it comes to geography as Australia. Australia qualifies as a country, as an island and as a continent, and unusual country with a wealth of natural habitats and wonders. Things to do and see in Australia are many. Australia has abundant outdoor activities, historical activities and cultural activities. As a visitor, you can be sure to find something unique to see or do. Here are 3 unique places to visit in Australia.

1. Giant Pink Slugs of Mount Kaputar

Mount Kaputar has a small alpine forest that is believed to be crowded with life found nowhere else in the universe. Many years ago when Australia was known as Gondwana, the terrain was characterized by luxurious rainforests. Today, the conditions on the continent have changed, and many activities have occurred. But, the most unique thing about this forest is the giant pink slug which is 7.8 inches in length. These giant slugs are pink in color and spend most of their time hidden beneath the leaf mold. They are believed to come out at night or after a rain shower in their hundreds. You can imagine a bright pink slug, they are very beautiful. Other exclusive members found at mount Kaputar are three different flesh-eating snail species which kill and eat their vegetarian colleagues.

The environment above Mount Kaputar is also unique. In case, the temperature increases, even by one or two degrees, there is a possibility of residents up there drying up. To help preserve this unique ecosystem, there is a committee that has marked the area as one of the Endangered Ecological Community.

2. Lake Hillier

Another fun thing to do in Australia is visiting Lake Hillier. Lake Hillier is a unique lake in many ways. First, from a distance, it looks like a swath of solid bubble-gum, and when you come closer, the color becomes more watery, but still remains definitely pink.

Even though the causes behind the pink color in other lakes have been confirmed, the reason for this lake’s color remains a mystery. Many theories have tried to solve the mystery. Some claim that Lake Hillier’s pink color is as a result of high salinity combined with the existence of salt loving species. Different from other pink lakes which changes the color in accordance with the temperature rise and fall, Lake Hillier still maintains its pink color. Uniquely, the water retains its pink color when bottled.

Whatever the cause of the color, Lake Hillier’s water does not look to pose any danger to humans. However, swimming in the lake is not possible because it is used only for research purposes. For tourists, you can only admire the lake on helicopter rides.

3. The Haunted Bookshop

A visit to Haunted Bookshop is among the unique things to do in Melbourne, Australia. The bookshop is loaded with the occult and unclear books. The topics to find here include Witchcraft, Magic, Vampires, Satanism, Tarot and Ghosts. Though frightening thing to do, it is among the fun things to do in Australia.

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