Technology Helps Drug Addicts Recover

With the advancement of smart phones and computers, apps and software are becoming an increasingly popular tool for those who suffer from addictions. These smart phones apps provide additional support to those who are trying to quit their addictions and sometimes are even able to help addicts without using any other form of help.

app for addiction recovery

These drug addiction apps are very helpful in combating the side effects during day 4 of opiate withdrawals which is when withdrawals from opiates becomes arguable the most difficult time for withdrawal symptoms. Many opiate addicts claim that after approximately 5 days to 2 weeks, the physical pain from withdrawals has almost completely went away. It is important to note that mental symptoms such as fatigue, irritation, depression, insomnia, etc… may take longer to resolve.



Addicts display a specific psychological behavior which makes quitting drugs a very tall order. Fortunately their are new cell phone apps that not only can prevent addiction but can also help to treat the behavior. The advantage of using an app or software is that generally the information will be sound advice. However probably the biggest advantage is that apps are relatively inexpensive and are much more cost effective for those who struggle to afford a rehab center. Another added benefit is that people are able to travel and still take addiction support with them regardless of where they stay for the night.


Apps also are convenient and constantly with you so that they can provide treatment and support no matter the time or place of day. Relapses generally occur within a short moment of discouragement and despair. It is critically important that addicts get the help they need immediately in order to get past that moment. Apps are fortunately always going to be there and can greatly increases the chances of success.